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Life is good,

And I’m enjoying it.

I’m originally from Long Island, New York, now living in the countryside of Italy in a small town named Bomarzo.
Over the last decade, I’ve jumped into many roles across design, marketing, engineering as a founder, leader, contractor, collaborator, and individual contributor. I’m passionate and diligent but equally fortunate to have had many great opportunities across my career. These day’s I’m focused on the future of manufacturing as Creative Director of Fulcrum.
When I’m not officially working, you’ll find me spending time with my lovely wife & son while pursuing creative endeavors and enjoying the small adventures that living in the Italian countryside provides me. In the future, my goal is to open an organization to encourage and support cultural exchange and the development of technical and artistic interests in Italy. 
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USA: +1-631-521-6191
ITALY: +39-342-630-9109

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